We’ve answered some of the questions that we are most often asked:

A: By answering this we will know your number one priority and how we will help you clarify whether this should be your #1 priority and how to achieve this once decided. A crucial starting point for our consulting process.
A: Smith & Feijoo Ltd. will help you by getting you the business owner to clarify what exactly is your value proposition is, what is your competitive advantage and the reasons the market should choose you over anyone else.
A: Our clients experience one or more of the following scenarios:
  • Struggling with challenges or obstacles within their business that is holding their company back from achieving growth and higher profitability.
  • Challenged by scaling their business or developing and implementing a growth plan that actually delivers intended results
  • The company has outgrown their existing business processes, causing problems with daily operations, management and employees
A: Yes. Oftentimes, business owners do not think about taxes or accounting until it is too late. It is not a surprise given the time demands and attention needed to start and run a business, manage issues, and maintain strong client relationships. While all of these are important, it is essential to discuss accounting systems, budgets, entity structure, and much more with a CPA before starting a business. You will need to discuss the organization of your company for tax purposes, as well as numerous other issues relating to operations and federal and state employment and sales tax requirements. Smith& Feijoo Ltd.can help with:
  • Set up accounting systems
  • Business evaluations
  • Analyze operating results
  • Develop budgets and business plans and forecasts
  • Prepare tax returns
  • Review, or compile financial statements
  • Assess benefit and compensation plans
  • Do not wait until the year-end to have this discussion! You could be making the wrong decisions without the proper advice. Our experienced professionals will help you navigate your financial, tax and general business challenges by providing proven solutions.